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According to an article written by Entrepreneur, the most trending job right now not work. That's right, in 2022 unemployment is at an all time high! Not because it is hard to find a job, people just don't want to work. Which is good news for you! Employers are hiring like crazy and they need the help. If you don't have a job it will be no problem for you to find one, and if you have one and want to advance into a higher position this can also be benefitable to you. Say you have been with the company a while and others have been quitting, this leaves you to look at for a promotion. With the employer hiring newbies and you having seniority, it only makes since for you to take a step up. 2022 is full of career opportunities. All you have to do is being willing to work (which is a lot more than most want to do right now) and have the motivation to take it to the next level, and you should have no problem getting to where you want to be in your profession.

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