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The first session of our coaching program consist of getting to know you, the client, personally. We want to build a long lasting relationship with our clients that extends past the coaching aspect of things. We want to know your hobbies, passions, goals, and experience. After we get a good understanding of who you are, we will begin asking you about your educational background as well as your career background. Then moving onto what career or field of profession you want to pursue. When the session is over all the information you have given will be used to help us find a career that best suits you. In the second session we will present you with a list of careers that we have gathered for you. We will go over these jobs together and discuss the pros and cons of each job. When we, together, have come to a conclusion on which profession best suits, you we will begin preparing  what the qualifications for this career entail. Seeing that you meet these qualifications, we will begin to build resume that will be both presentable and attractive to your future employer. Our third session is one of the most important, the interview process. This portion is interview coaching. Which is an important part to insure that you get your dream career. We will go over the basics of how to interview and then move into the minor details of what can make you stand out. From the way you sit, to the way you move your hands and pronounce words. All this is important while being interviewed. Once you are prepared, then you are ready to go out and get that dream job! 

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